Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I love this song! Taral Hicks aka Keisha from Belly did it justice too. As I was watching this I realized Keisha is watching this video in a scene in the movie Belly lol. Anywho, take a look, the video is pretty. Those of you who have not experienced Belly...SHAME ON YOU!

Best scene of Belly
click to enjoy! ; )

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With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, I plan to post something I want often until my dreams come true! lol My suggestions can also help you figure out what to get that special chick that thinks out the box! ; )

Wish List Item #1
Melody Ehsani 3 finger rings. Can be found on karmaloop.com and melodyehsani.com.
I've always wanted a 3 finger ring and Melody has made dreams possible. I love them all! : D



I absolutely love this one since I'm a leo!

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Friday, November 20, 2009
So I found this video a loooong time ago back in the myspace days...I love this song & I'm not sure who these gentlemen are but they make me smile!

milk and cereal

**$ir Nique** | MySpace Video


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Tuesday, November 17, 2009
There is nothing more hilarious than people getting upset over the smallest and simplest things. Check out passiveaggressivenotes.com for more reasons to smile and giggle at crazy people. Oh yea and it's a post with some facebook statuses...I could find hundreds out of my friends who turn fb into their diary daily lol I may get the balls to post some one day!


rude much?? lol

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Sunday, November 1, 2009
Don't you just love the 1st and the daylight savings time?? We got an extra hour folks so be productive and get this $$$!

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Thank You for coming back with this No Ceilings mixtape, this is the Wayne we've missed & I can't stop playing this. "New imports make her feel important!" Here's a download link to the mixtape in case any of you have been sleeping under a rock No Ceilings Mixtape! Enjoy!

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